“Dishonesty is the fuel for self-hate.”

“We need to learn privacy and give up dishonesty”


12 Tips to Break a Lying Habit


  1. Examine your triggers
  2. Think about the kind of lies you tell
  3. Practice setting and sticking to — your boundaries
  4. Ask yourself, ‘What’s the worst that can happen?’
  5. Start small- Take it one day at a time
  6. Maintain privacy- You can tell the truth without telling all
  7. Evaluate the goal- Consider the goal of the lie
  8. Learn and practice acceptance
  9. Don’t justify- Avoid trying to justify or validate dishonesty
  10. Question yourself- Ask yourself if a lie is really necessary
  11. Check if your lying feels compulsive
  12. Talk to a professional
  • Takeaway- Lying is a complex behavior that can serve a lot of functions. At the end of the day, it usually doesn’t do anyone any favors.



Written By Crystal Raypole-10/31/2019



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