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Common Signs of Codependency

  1. a deep-seated need for approval from others
  2. self-worth that depends on what others think about you
  3. a habit of taking on more work than you can realistically handle, both to earn praise or lighten a loved one’s burden
  4. a tendency to apologize or take on blame in order to keep the peace
  5. a pattern of avoiding conflict
  6. a tendency to minimize or ignore your own desires
  7. excessive concern about a loved one’s habits or behaviors
  8. a habit of making decisions for others or trying to “manage” loved ones
  9. a mood that reflects how others feel, rather than your own emotions
  10. guilt or anxiety when doing something for yourself
  11. doing things you don’t really want to do, simply to make others happy
  12. idealizing partners or other loved ones, often to the point of maintaining relationships that leave you unfulfilled
  13. overwhelming fears of rejection or abandonment

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