The 12th Step Newsletter
The 12th Step Newsletter


Immature – we grow daily, I will be more mature tomorrow than I am today


Our natural authentic self is designed to grow.  From the time we became a new life from two cells, one from mom and one from dad, we grew.  Finally after 9 months we come out fully formed able to live outside the womb but the real growth takes off from there until we reach our adult size.  But even then we continue to grow in knowledge and skills we need to survive and thrive.  We become more mature each day, that is the natural authentic self and if it doesn’t then we know there is something wrong.  Research indicates that by the time we are 4 years old we will have learned 40% of all we will ever know and that by 8 we will have learned 80% of all we will ever know!  That is why we push children to learn and with their natural curiosity we prepare a safe, healthy, welcoming stimulus rich environment that leads to a balanced engaged adult.  We also know that we have the ability to grow and put things together, form wisdom and insights until the last breath leaves our lips, the last heartbeat fades, that is the way God created us to be.


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