The 12th Step Newsletter
The 12th Step Newsletter

Affirmations for Step Two

IStep two -- "I have come to believe that a power greater than myself can restore enough order and hope in my life to move me to a growth framework."


I learn new life skills that help me deal with life realistically.

I turn loose of worry. I grow today with the knowledge I have available.

I accept my Higher Power's role in my life. My journey is a spiritual journey.

I need a Spiritual power to guide and help me.


It came as a real surprise to me that this was a spiritual problem. I thought I had trouble with raising a family, earning a living, getting along with my boss. What it is has to do with getting along and alone with myself and God. Without realizing it my father had been such an imposing factor in my life that he filled the spot where God was supposed to be. As I grew up and knew that Dad was human too, I didn't know how to develop a relationship with God that was healthy. Awe really was fear. And I didn't really trust this all knowing, all powerful, everywhere kind of vengeful Being. I knew the minute I was having fun He would punish me, somehow. After all He had been doing that all my life one way or another. All of life's misfortunes could be traced back to a miss dead or impure thought. I was in a double bind, damned if I trusted and damned if I didn't.


But then I began to see and continue to be open to seeing Him as wanting to restore me to a relationship with Himself. He wants me to see Him in His I AM-ness and shows me my I am-ness too. I am precious to Him, I am valuable. He created me and gave me my uniqueness and stamped His image in every cell, fiber and to the marrow of my bones. He designed the system such that there could be billions of unique individuals and never get to a copy. And He don't make no junk!


It has been freeing to realize that He doesn't exist because I think highly of Him nor is He offended and diminished if I choose not to believe or affirm His existence.


"I didn't hear Him in the fire. I didn't feel him in the earth moving. Nor did I hear Him in the windstorm. He spoke to me in the stillness of the night" Isaiah


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